Consultation on extension of rights in sound recordings and performances to foreign nationals

Closed 22 Mar 2024

Opened 15 Jan 2024


The UK is party to various international agreements on copyright and related rights. Under these agreements, the UK extends protection to works (such as music and books) and performances from other countries. In return, those countries provide protection to works and performances from the UK. This enables the UK creative industries to secure remuneration when their music, books, films and other creative media are used abroad. 

The government intends to change how certain rights are extended to foreign nationals, to ensure UK law works for both creators and users and is consistent with the UK’s international commitments. This consultation seeks your views on how we should do so and the impacts this will have. 

This consultation will be open until 22 March 2024. 

Why your views matter

Your responses to the questions set out in this consultation will help us improve the quality of our analysis and support the government’s decision making.

Wherever possible, please provide evidence to support your comments. If you would like to provide any documents as evidence then please email them to, quoting your survey response ID (which you will receive once your have submitted your response to the consultation). 

We will take your responses into account when deciding on our approach, which will be published in due course after the conclusion of this consultation.

What happens next

This consultation has closed. We are currently analysing your feedback and intend to respond within 12 weeks of the consultation closing date.