Wallace & Gromit’s Cracking Ideas Competition Survey 21/22

Closed 23 Oct 2022

Opened 6 Oct 2022


Wallace Gromit’s Cracking Ideas aims to inspire your children to be creative and inventive, whether you’re in a classroom, a club or at home!

Designed with the help of Aardman, whose invention-loving duo Wallace & Gromit feature in the learning materials, Cracking Ideas provides curriculum-led activities that get children engaged with design and the importance of protecting intellectual property.

Our age-appropriate activities inspire children aged 4-7 and 8-11 to come up with their own inventions which they can enter into our nationwide competition. 

As entrants to our 2021/22 anual competition we would love to gather your feedback and comments on your experience of using the resources and overall awards scheme. The survey approximately takes 3 minutes to complete. 

Why your views matter

Each year we always stirve to improve the experience of those who engage with our resources and enter our competition. In order to understand what our successes are and where there are areas for improvement, we need your help. 

Please spare a few moments and provide feedback on your experience. This insight will be greatly benificial for us to understand how we can enhance your future experience and inspire those future creators. 

What happens next

The information you have provided will help with our evaluation process and will feed into improving our next anual competition and supporting resources. 

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