Music Streaming Metadata survey

Closed 31 Dec 2023

Opened 7 Dec 2023


In the era of digital music, good quality metadata, which describes who contributed to a track’s creation and how, is essential to making sure music makers are accurately credited and paid.

But metadata is often not as accurate or complete as it should be, in particular in relation to songwriters and their song or composition. Incomplete or inaccurate metadata can lead to significant delays to creators being paid for the use of their works, and in some cases not being paid at all.

The UK industry agreement on music streaming metadata sets out a positive commitment from players across the music streaming industry to improve metadata on music streaming services in the UK.

As part of the agreement a Technical Solutions Group has been set up which incudes a range of industry metadata experts. As part of their inital work, the group has been tasked with cataloguing and mapping existing metadata flows.  

This survey seeks views from music creators on your experience, use and interactions with metadata as part of your work.   

Why your views matter

The Technical Solutions Group are keen to hear from a range of players from across the music industry as part of cataloging and mapping existing metadata flows. Creators are key players who we are keen to hear from.